アマゾンで買い物するならギフト券チャージが断然オトク 最大2.5%ポイント還元中💰
短期バイトなら治験がおすすめ 1泊2万円案件あり【解説記事あり】🛏

【Fatboy’s motorbike rentals】If you want to rent a motorbike or scooter in Bangkok, go here.









The purpose of visiting Thailand this time was to rent a motorbike and go far beyond the central. 

For that, I took the trouble to get an international driving license(turned out unnecessary)and purchased a new action camera, Muson pro3. 

普段からアマゾンで買い物するならギフト券チャージが断然オトク。 プライム会員なら最大2.5%ポイント還元されます。1万円チャージすれば250pt、10万円チャージすれば2500ptも。有効期限は10年もあるので安心です。

B.R(Before renting motorbike)

Although there are options like buses and taxis,

there is a limit these options can offer to me, especially rural areas outside Bangkok. 

International driving permit

Then, I concluded that I should issue the international driving license(Though I didn’t need it when renting a motorbike). 


Fatboy’s motorbike in Ekkamai, Bangkok

There are some shops around Bangkok but considering the ease of access and convenience, I decided to rent one here, Fatboy’s motorbike which is only 10 minutes walk from BTS Ekkamai station. 

Rental motorbike options 

There is a bunch of options. Please zoom in to check each price per period you want to rent. 


Went to Fatboy’s motorbike

Right after finishing check-in, I went to Fatboy’s in Ekkamai. Not hard to find the shop. 

Inside shop

vertically long shop. 

Once I entered the shop, one of the staff walked up to me. Since the owner of this shop is a western guy, all of the Thai staff also speak fluent English. 

Helmets can be rented for free.

MSX125(400 baht/day)

I first rented Honda MSX125 to get around Bangkok. 

It was really fun(pretty hot, though).

FORZA300(600 baht/day)

And then, I rented Honda FORZA300 and this became my buddy for the next 3 days. 

To be honest, I really wanted to ride a manual but the space under the seat of FORZA seemed pretty convenient for traveling for a few days. 

This is CBR150. Cool but carrying capacity is limited. 

See you next time. 

The body of FORZA300 is huge. Maybe not good for getting around the busy street, but better for driving the highway. 

Rental contract 

I needed to give them my passport or 5000 baht in cash as a deposit. 


The article 3 referes to Third party medical insurance. 

Motorbikes are insured and registered, in case of damages. The insurance is a third party medical insurance. Which covers medical insurance to a third party. Our customers also all have personal medical insurance on all bikes, covering up to 35,000baht, if any, is partially covered by the insurance. 

If a third party or I got injured, this medical insurance covers the treatment cost to a third party and myself(up to 35000 baht).

However, it goes on to say

The customers will have to pay for all of motorbike damages in case of accidents or any other damages while the motorbike is rented out. 

Literally, it means that I have to pay for the damages of my motorbike or any other damages I caused.

If you feel uncomfortable with only medical insurance, you should take out another insurance by yourself, though I don’t think you really need it. 

Just make sure you focus on driving while you are riding a motorbike, and don’t forget to wear a helmet.