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Explore local secrets

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara. These must be the names coming up high in the list of famous tourism spots in Tokyo… which is true. Everything there is fresh, interesting, stimulating, and crazy. But Tokyo is not only composed of these places.

There are many other people, locals, living a quiet, laid-back life a little far from the central, which I really love and want to share with others especially those from abroad who are overwhelmed by the cities and looking for something quiet and settle for a moment, or those who just want to see how locals live their life in Tokyo. Through riding a bike mainly along the river, you will visit some interesting temples and shrines only locals know and learn some basic knowledge or manners there.

We plan to visit 4 temples, 2 shrines, 2 parks, 1 pet cemetery, and 1 small shopping street. These places might be far from excitement or craziness you get in famous tourism spots, but all are loved by locals. During the tour, you will feel you became one of them, for there are only local people around us.


Local areas exploring includes: temples, shrines, pet cemetery, parks, small shopping streets, and Pachinko(if anybody wants).

Ride a rental bike( you need to have a credit card).

Learn the manners at shrines and temples.

Eat shaved ice, local snacks.


You can pay by either cash, or paypal.


If interested, please contact me.

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